Five steps to having a fantastic Sunday run

Sunday is my favourite day for long scenic runs…it’s also my worst!

I keep thinking about how it’s really the only day I have to sleep in and so every Saturday night I have this massive internal battle – sleep in or set the alarm. I know how amazing I’ll feel after the run (motivation), but I also know how hard it is to get going (beyond motivation.)

These 5 steps are by no means revolutionary, but they do help me get up and running.

  1. Having an early night – It seems a pretty obvious step and it’s one that makes all the difference. If I manage to have my 7 hours of shut-eye, opening said eyes early on a Sunday morning isn’t all that hard.
  2. Laying off the booze – There are few things worse than dragging yourself off for a long run with a raging hangover as company. If you can’t manage total abstinence, at least try and curb the quantity and gulp down loads of water in between and after drinks.
  3. Finding inspiration – Laugh if you must, but I love watching YouTube clips of long distance races…the end bits, that is. Something about seeing the determination on the runners’faces helps get me in the mood (to run!)
  4. Prepping my kit – Procrastination is a dear friend of mine and is never far from my side, especially on Sunday mornings. Knowing this, I make sure to get my clothes, shoes, earphones out and ready on the night before.
  5. Visualisation – Just before nodding off, I picture myself at the end of the Sunday run – sweaty, sore, tired…but elated and fueled with endorphins.

I’m happy to report that I had a fantastic Sunday run this morning! Now to work on my Monday motivation…

Lower Tafelberg Road, running towards Table Mountain and Lion’s Head

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  1. Oh how I miss the Mother City. After 3 weeks here in Mali I too found the motivation to go for a run this morning. It was tough after such a long break but worth it in the end. Glimpses of the Niger River between blocks of houses can’t compare with the views below Table Mountain though. Looking forward to more motivations 🙂

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    1. capetownadventuresblog says:

      Well done for running! While the views can’t compare, I’m sure the end result was similar. Go endorphins!! 🙂


  2. Arnold Johnson says:

    We surrounded with such beauty, yet within it’s walls we find Good and Bad, I live in a small part of Cape Town, close to Lavender Hill which in reality is a scary place to be yet with all the hate we have stood our ground and bloomed to yet take back our city and enjoy Life.. and to Love. .

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    1. capetownadventuresblog says:

      Hi Arnold. It’s great to hear such a positive viewpoint on your neighbourhood and your attitude towards life and living! Thank you for sharing.


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