The beauty of solitude

One of my favourite  pastimes is solo dining…In a cosy restaurant, at a bustling market, beside a stream in a park or within the quiet haven of my home. Often when telling someone about the wonderful evening I’d spent on my own, I notice a slight narrowing of eyes, a confused furrowing of brow and the inevitable question, “Really? But why would you want to be alone?”

While of course I know the answer to the question, I always find it hard to fully verbally express it. Not only do I relish regular bouts of solitude, I need and depend them. It is only in the presence of alone that I get to really recharge.

If anyone was to stick a label on my personality type it would undoubtedly read – EXTROVERT – in bold brightly coloured flashing font and I don’t disagree that most of me resembles that word. I love being centre stage, having loud lively discussions in crowded forums and being the root of and route to merriment. But in order to be that person, I need to restock, replenish, sometimes relinquish the myriad facets that make me…me…and I can only ever do that on my own…preferably with food and wine 🙂

If you have not yet tried it, I invite you to dip your toes into the beautiful waters of solitude. If a full day of alone is a bit too much to endure, (can’t think of anything better myself!) I would suggest starting off with an out and about solo dining adventure.

Choose a restaurant, select a table that affords you a good view of other diners, simply sit back and watch the show. If you’re nervous about being stared at (it’s all in your head!) Or having someone come to speak to you, take along a reading or writing book. Make sure that you do not resort to browsing Facebook or some other social media site…that will defeat the purpose!

What is the purpose, you ask?

The purpose is simply to just be. You will be surprised at how powerful the state of ‘just being’ is. I promise!

Go on, give it a try. I dare you.





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