Don’t let your title trip you up

We will fondly remember her for the attributes described by her official title   – Marketing Manager; Cleaner; CEO; Stay at Home Mom; Personal Assistant; SEO Specialist; Editor – said no one at a funeral ever. Yet often we become so entwined in the name or job description we’re given that we forget that the name or title is not synonymous with who we are.

My imminent departure from my title of Strategic Communications and Content Manager for Cape Town Tourism is what’s brought on this pondering. In 2 months’ time, when I introduce myself to people, I won’t have those particular describing words to depend on. It’s a scary prospect. It’s scary because I am going to be embarking on a career path pursuing what I believe to be my calling and how on earth do I condense that into a title?

Other person: Hello, what do you do?

Me: I am the MD of a company called My Life?

Other person: Okay…what exactly do you do?

Me: Well, it’s not so much what I do as what I believe. See, I choose to believe that every day is an incredible adventure filled with the opportunity for me to use innovation and creativity to make a positive impact on someone’s life.

Other person: Right, good luck with that.

So, let’s go back to where I began with this post, at the end. At the end of our, hopefully long and fulfilling lives, we know that we are going to be described by who we were and how we lived. The people who attend our funeral, in whatever guise it takes, are going to be the people whose lives we have touched. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to have jobs that allow us to be exactly who we are in a truly meaningful way. For others, it’s not so much about what type of work we do, but rather the way we do it, and what we do in the hours beyond the confines of our official jobs.

We will fondly remember her for the type of person she was and how she lived her life – she was kind, nurturing, intuitive, energetic, thoughtful, hopeful, positive, enthusiastic, brave, and authentic – said everyone at the funeral of a woman who made sure her job title didn’t define her worth.

So how will I be introducing myself post my current title?

Hello, I am Nicole Biondi.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Minnie says:

    Brave girl – salute you !


    1. Nicole Biondi says:

      Thanks Minnie!


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