Media Engagement Coaching

The prospect of having to engage with the media on either a proactive or reactive basis can be daunting. During the coaching  process we will explore and define story angles, craft them into a variety of story packages and find a pitching style that works for you. We will also focus on how to best portray your desired public/company persona confidently during print, online, radio and television media engagements.

5 Key outcomes of Media Engagement Coaching

  1. Defining and creating 6 primary story angles or messages
  2. Developing a toolkit of story packages (talking points; podcasts, etc.) and pitching tactics
  3. Crafting and fine-honing your public/company persona for media engagements
  4. Learning how to respond to unexpected media enquiries in a calm and professional way
  5. Coaching for proactive and reactive broadcast success (radio and TV)

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