Creative Experiences

I have developed a range of creative experiences designed to kick-start creativity, unlock motivation and improve communication.

JUST WRITE – a writing adventure

Leave your inner-critic at the door and experiment with a variety of creative devices designed to get you writing. I’ll provide you with a range of unusual tools to unleash your creativity and encourage you to write from unexpected perspectives. Absolutely no writing experience required.

The duration depends on the needs of the group and I can tailor the experience accordingly. Weekend writing workshops are also possible…and loads of fun!

Min : 2 | Max: 50


At a murder mystery dinner, you will journey through time to a dark and dangerous world. In order to solve a terrible murder, you will step into the shoes of one of the characters involved in the horrific event. Over the course of a 3-course meal,  you will proceed to being both suspect and detective, as I guide you through solving 3 sets of clues – one received with each course. By the end of the final course, you will cast your accusations and hopefully figure out whodunnit.

I have a selection of existing scripts and also specialise in writing and creating bespoke games for special occasions and team building events.

Min : 8 | Max: 160

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