The power of kindness

Walking out of my office today, I bumped into a co-worker who has been trying to help me resolve a particularly tricky release of funds. It’s been going on for a while now and I knew that it had her feeling a bit frazzled. So I said thank you. That’s the standard thing to do…

Know when to leave

So many people allow bitterness to consume and then cripple them, because of where they find themselves…
Know when to leave.

Don’t let your title trip you up

We will fondly remember her for the attributes described by her official title – Marketing Manager; Cleaner; CEO; Stay at Home Mom; Personal Assistant; SEO Specialist; Editor – said no one at a funeral ever. Yet often we become so entwined in the name or job description we’re given that we forget that the name or title is not synonymous with who we are.